This is the short story of the evolution of Gabriel's logo kobold.

It was an experiment with ink on paper. As children we had painted Rorschach patterns. We blotted ink on sheets of paper, folded them and pressed it together. We interpreted the resulting patterns and shapes and had fun doing it. It was just like lying on our backs in the grass looking up at the clouds and discovering animals, objects and all kinds of things in them. Who has not done that?

In memory of childhood, a tribute to light-heartedness, the artist made the ‘Roof Ridgies’ with ink on sheets of paper. Loosely based on Schiller's thought experiment of Homo Ludens, “Man is only fully man where he plays.”

The name ‘Roof Ridgies’ comes from the initial working title “The Firsts”. “First” pronounced in German means roof ridge in English, it is a multilingual play on words. “Roof Ridgies” could be translated back into German as “Dachreiter” (roof riders – the ones riding on the roofs). This opens up possibilities for stories. It will be interesting to see how it further develops.


Thus in 2006, ‘The Roof Ridgies© arised.

The Roof Ridgie no. 3

Ink on paper

The Roof Ridgies no. 1, 2 and 4

Ink on paper

In 2008, Gabriel further refined the third Roof Ridgie, making it a cordial Sprite. With its heart nose, it has a sympathetic appeal. It is a being of a sweet, laid-back nature

Developing sketches

Mixed media on paper

Hob, The Goblin

Ink, acrylics, white lacquer on tracing-paper

– the final logo sprite, 2020:

Digital vector graphic


The Artist

The visual artist Gabriel Bur
Photo by Andrea Speer, Berlin 2016

The visual artist Gabriel Bur, student of Anna Adam and Beuys scholar of the second generation. Fine art painting and drawing, object art and sculpting; experimental arts.

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Gabriel Bur is visual artist. This website shows a selection of his works in fine art painting and drawing, object art and sculpting, experimental arts.

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Gabriel Bur

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