Topography of time.

Gabriel Bur interprets thematically the quality of time in a material/spatial dimension. Time has a spatial as well as a so-called material and materialized component – the impression of time: time is space. Thus he elaborates a fanning out of time spaces - individual and local. Gabriel: “Everyone has time, and it is important how we use it. Because time is what we make of it.”

Jana Ritter, art scholar and freelance artist, writes on the artist: “... Gabriel combines playfully, lets (our perception) play. ... His used colours, materials, forms offer a new design, create their own dimensions in the work. ... His artworks show a joy of experimentation, which “in advance”  forms from the material, allows it to emerge, lets go along – perturbed-conceptual Creating in the original sense.”

Gabriel about his work: “I develop my works out from a very individually elaborated plasticity of the respective Material, whereby the thematic of the concept seeks its materials and colors independently for the work. In the spontaneity of the creative process, everyday objects and materials are often integrated into the work, in order to create both the concept as well as the character of the artwork. The viewer should be left a lot of room for their own interpretation, in order to develop a certain identification with the artwork.”



Topografie eines Tages

Topography Of A Day

100x100 x approx. 6cm
Wood, PU foam, fiberboard, modeling paste, acrylics


Fluß Um

Stream Around

57.5x76.5cm x approx. 3cm
Fiberboard, acrylics, quartz sand; wooden frame


Der Augenblick

The Instant

100x100cm x approx. 10cm
Wood, paper, styrofoam, acrylics, patinated copper pipes, structure gel




100.5x75cm x approx. 7cm
Wood, papier-mâché, terry bathrobe, alarm clock, acrylics



Spatial Time

100x100cm x approx. 4cm
Fiberboard, wood, PU foam, cardboard, acrylics, acrylic metal bronze


Fluß Mit

Stream With

58x78cm x approx. 3cm
Fiberboard, PU foam, cardboard, wooden sticks, acrylics; wooden frame




65x65cm x approx. 4cm
Fiberboard, cardboard, aluminum mesh, plastics, acrylics




90x60cm x approx. 4cm
Wood, MDF, glued laminated timbers, modeling paste, acrylics


Die fehlende Stunde

The Missing Hour

71.5x71.5cm x approx. 6cm
Wood, fiberboard, PU foam, acrylics



The Artist

The visual artist Gabriel Bur
Photo by Andrea Speer, Berlin 2016

The visual artist Gabriel Bur, student of Anna Adam and Beuys scholar of the second generation. Fine art painting and drawing, object art and sculpting; experimental arts.

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Gabriel Bur is visual artist. This website shows a selection of his works in fine art painting and drawing, object art and sculpting, experimental arts.

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Gabriel Bur

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